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Beware the Militarized Cops – LewRockwell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 12, 2017

Another key distinction here is that there are two ways police can relate to society. One is as peacekeepers, and the other is as law enforcers. Keeping the peace just makes sure that the bad elements of society don’t become violent or don’t violate other people’s rights to life and property—that’s basically it. That’s what a peace officer does. Other than that, he keeps his nose out of everybody’s business.

But the people in today’s police aren’t brought up to think that way. They’re indoctrinated to think in terms of law enforcement—totally different thing. Because there are thousands and thousands and thousands of laws—federal, state, local—and they’re supposed to enforce them all; it has nothing to do with keeping the peace. This is another bad trend which is bound to accelerate.

Don’t do what I did and ask the State Police to do their job.

If there ever was “To Serve and Protect” it is long gone.

To Enforce and Arrest…Be seeing you



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