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PODCAST: Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger On How To Thrive Under Extreme Pressure

Posted by M. C. on May 19, 2017

We have to have situational awareness–we have to be able to create a mental model of our reality. We have to be good risk mangers, be mindful, we have to understand our process so we can sensitize ourselves to risk.

Situational awareness is a basic survival tool.

What is that quirky guy at the table in the corner up to?  Where is the nearest exit? Why are we helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen? How do we exit that mess? Two totally different situations but similar survival thought processes. Both situations could have detrimental consequences.

Who is the quirky guy?  In one situation he is easy to pick out.  Not so much in other situations. Is he John McCain?  Fox News or NYT might say no. Lewrockwell, Taki,  Zerohedge or The FEE would definitely say yes. Is Ron Paul quirky?  The answers might change.

Who is pointing towards the exit to safety? John McCain, William Kristol, Benjamin Netanyahu, Maxine Waters, Ron/Rand Paul or Justin Amash?

Who is blocking the exit?  Washington Post, New York Times, Time Newsweek, Fox News or Reason,,, The Independent Review, Thomas Sowell?

The pressure is on. It’s life or death.


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