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Charles Krauthammer On Trump, CIA Front NATO and Keeping the War Machine Alive

Posted by M. C. on June 3, 2017

Charles Krauthammer said President Trump’s first foreign trip as commander-in-chief got off to a strong start in the Middle East, but the second part of the trip in Europe was a “disaster.” He didn’t take issue with Trump scolding our NATO allies and telling them to pay their “fair share” of the alliance’s defense costs. Instead, Krauthammer said, Trump left NATO members unsettled by not reiterating U.S. commitment to Article 5 of the NATO charter. Article 5 is a mutual defense pledge and NATO’s core tenet. It means that “an attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all.”

The warparty and it presstitute media ‘forget’ NATOlike alliances got the UK, and eventually the US, sucked into two of the world’s worst wars. The first of which likely would have turned out better if we had stayed out.
Charles the Warmonger is right. These things are not very predictable, that is the problem. Who would have thought that since around 1980 when we took the fight against ME people, barely out of the stone age with little more than cell phones and VCRs, that we are further from peace than ever.

Now the warparty braintrust wants to take it to Iran, Russia and China. With any luck the neocon/warparty will have US fighting all 3 at the same time.
The “funny” thing about WW II is the UK entered it because of their NATOlike agreement to protect Poland and ended up giving Poland to Uncle Joe. With FDR’s blessing. That is what mutual defense should look like to the little guy.

God help anyone CIA Front NATO ‘democratizes’.

We should declare victory and give Iraq and Afghanistan to Israel, they deserve each other.

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