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US Military Sent over $1 Billion Worth of Light Weapons To “Multiple Armed Groups” in Iraq | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Posted by M. C. on June 5, 2017

Amply documented, the US and its allies are supplying weapons, training and military equipment to numerous Al Qaeda affiliated rebels (including ISIS) acting on behalf of their State sponsors.

According to Amnesty, the sending of weapons to multiple rebel groups is justified. The killing of civilians is not an issue. The failures of the US Army outlined in the DoD report pertain to errors in monitoring, delivery, record-keeping and human error:

Amply documented, the ISIS and other terror groups have been receiving weapons from both the US and its allies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And a significant part of the $1.6 billion has been used to finance weapons shipments to the ISIS, both directly as well as indirectly through third parties.

Why were these weapons sent to Iraq in the first place?

Amnesty International is urging the USA to comply with the Leahy Law, which prohibits the supply of most types of US military aid and training to foreign security, military and police units credibly alleged to have committed “gross human rights violations”.

What nonsense. Amnesty does not address the issue of State sponsorship of terrorism, namely human rights committed on behalf of the state sponsors of terrorism. According to AI: “The USA and Iraq must also accede to the global Arms Trade Treaty, which has strict rules in place to stop arms transfers or diversion of arms that could fuel atrocities.”

Are we really supposed to believe that the US sends money and arms to Al Qaeda and ISIS by accident?  That hundreds of millions of $ worth of arms, trucks, anti-aircraft weapons!!! are just left in some whoa begotten province because they are not worth expense of retrieving?

We just made a multi billion arms deal with the sponsor of 9/11.

Saudi Arabia has oil and does what we tell them…sort of. Syria and Iran, who have not attacked US and did not fly aircraft into American buildings, choose not to do as they are told. Overthrow and revolution for them.

It all make$ perfect $en$e to Wa$hington, Boeing and Goldman $ach$.

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