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Samsung’s ‘peeping Tom’ smartphones can listen and watch what you do on the web while monitoring your emails to target you with ads

Posted by M. C. on June 11, 2017

SAMSUNG phones use technology which can spy on what you’re reading and watching online – and monitor emails in your inbox.

The phones switch onto spy mode after they are alerted by a “beacon” often embedded in web pages or signals hidden in online adverts.

It admitted that it uses beacons but a spokesperson said: “We would like to assure our customers that ultrasonic beacon technology is not embedded on Samsung mobile devices. Our privacy policy on beacons applies to the use of web beacons, a technology that is widely used across the industry and differs significantly to that of ultrasonic beacons.

German researchers claimed these ultrasonic beacons can “link the watching of even sensitive content such as adult movies or political documentations to a single individual – even at varying locations.

Weasel words and lies.

Be seeing you



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