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Why Hasn’t the CIA Been Abolished? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on June 25, 2017

Secrecy sustains the CIA. To abolish it, it is essential that a president inform the public of every bad thing that the CIA has ever done, even as ordered by past presidents and endorsed by past Congressmen. Their connections have to be made known. Many documents need to be declassified. Many secrets have to be made public. This is going to ruffle a great many people who’ve been in power, because their reputations will undergo reappraisals. Certainly, all documents relating to the Kennedy assassination should be immediately declassified and so should documents relating to 9/11. But that’s only a very small part of what needs to be declassified. If all of this seems unlikely, it is. But suggesting it serves a purpose. It shows how far away from where we the people stand are those in power who purport to represent us.

I commented to Mr. Rozeff that the reason no one tries to shut the CIA down is that they will end up dead. His response was…

There’s a fear factor as Schumer made known, but not of being bumped off. The CIA is a formidable opponent in other ways. Why? What’s the source of its power? Because it has the strong support of the government. It’s important to the empire. So no important US officers seek to abolish it. People firmly in the system have very little incentive to disrupt it.

All true, no argument but we had a president that stated he wanted bust the CIA into a thousand pieces.

He ended up dead.

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