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Zuckerberg’s Open Borders Group Likes Tax-funded Lawyers for Illegals

Posted by M. C. on June 29, 2017

After California Governor Jerry Brown signed off on a state budget that gives $45 million in taxpayer funds to immigration lawyers, Zuckerberg’s open borders group,, announced that it was “heartened” by the plan.

Open borders and tax funded avocation of illegal immigrants is not something a liberty loving person should tolerate. Here is why-

A free person owns him/herself and has private property rights. Private property includes money earned.

What happens when many of these illegals make themselves present in our midst?

Taxes, legalized theft, is employed for life support. Food, housing, policing and healthcare.
Redistribution is what Soros’ mini-me Zuckerberg is after. You and I redistributing our resources, not his. In housing on land stolen from the private sector by the government. Cheap labor, mindless drones that will do as they are told and will be happy to receive their treat when they sit up and beg. The ideal citizen in Zuckerberg world.

Back in the 18 & 1900’s immigrants came here to become Americans and build themselves into something.  That mindset obviously exists in some immigrants, mostly Asians and Eastern Europeans. Leaving an open door Muslims and their jihadists imams is another matter. La Raza wants to take back California and the Southwest. No becoming a yankee dog for those folks.

Allocating funds to support those that want to make the US into their own image is not what I signed up for.

Actually, I did not sign up for anything.  People who came before me signed me up, but that is another, government altering issue.

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