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The Most Prolific killer Of The Twentieth Century is…

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 14, 2017

and throughout history has been government. Not just military deaths but civilian also. Look up war death stats. Civilian deaths equal or exceed military deaths.

When government and it’s media say this or that country is bad we don’t think in terms of average citizens but (rightly) governments, their front persons and all their dastardly acts we are programmed to believe.

When war is declared, for our own good of course, it is government against government. The poor slobs that prop up the war machine have little choice. Although the America First movement, 1960’s anti-war movement and the folks that raised their voice against war over Syria’s (not) having used poison gas were admirable efforts, the war machine was and is too big.

When hate and war are propagated, who suffers? Not government and it’s bankster, military industry cronies, they thrive.  They make sure of that. The individual bears the burden of government struggle for power, money and empire. Financially…and otherwise.

The twenty first century is not starting off well.

“War is the health of the state.”
― Randolph Bourne

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