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Raising the Risk of WW3 – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on July 17, 2017

To be absolutely clear about it, my thought is that the chorus of Begala-like condemnations of Russia as a “hostile power” raises the likelihood of actual nuclear war. It creates the atmosphere in which such war is thought about as a real possibility. It encourages Russia to ramp up its armed forces and to be more wary of engaging and trusting the U.S. government, because our politics are seen as more hostile, volatile and unmoored in reality. Begala et al are doing more to isolate America than they realize.
The purpose of our anti-terrorism program is to maintain chaos, keep everyone fighting each, while subtly taking control when the time is right.

The subtle part never seems to work but the chaos part is working and getting too close to home. Possibly whomever does end up in the driver seat will end up with nothing but ashes.

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