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Justin Trudeau: The North Star

Posted by M. C. on July 26, 2017

A socialist love letter.

The most interesting part of this Rolling Stone ode to Trudeau is the comments.  Besides mostly having disdain for Trudeau they also have disdain for RS. So why are they reading it?

See a sample of the comments below

  • Next time Hillary runs she should just wear a Trudeau mask, same person

    OMG talk about a totally naive article! As a Canadian I cannot stand truDUMB! He has made Canada wide open to terrorists. Within 20-30 years it has been proven by Statistics Canada they will be in charge of the voting in Canada. He has destroyed our true North strong and free. I’m glad I will be dead and gone so I do not see this total destruction of such a wonderful country – the melting pot of the world. 😦

  • Does he actually know anything or is he just a socialist clown pretty boy? I pick the latter.

  • Rolling Stone, please stick to music… it’s the only thing you have an inkling about.

  • I’m glad you like Trudeau. That means you won’t be faking a rape story against him like you did against those poor college students.

    Be seeing you



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