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Nissan e-Pedal lets drivers accelerate and slow down

Posted by M. C. Fox on July 29, 2017

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It might seem like a recipe for disaster, but electric car drivers could soon use the same pedal to accelerate and brake.

What could possibly go wrong?

Will E Pedal help make people actually buy a Leaf? I have seen maybe two. About as many as I have seen of the Obama poster car Chevy Volt. Most are probably sold in the poor sections of LA, Hollywood and Frisco.

George Clooney wannabes that can’t afford a Tesla.

I am sure additional taxpayer provided subsidies for Nissan and buyers are in the cards.  You and I probably paid for E Pedal R & D too.

Chevy and Nissan wouldn’t be able to sell any of these pieces of junk without massive subsidies. Just like Tesla.

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