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Is This What ‘Liberation’ Looks Like? US Airstrikes Have Devastated Mosul – Original

Posted by M. C. on July 30, 2017

Another Pentagram/CIA sponsored foreign policy operation that was a success but the patient died.

The price paid by the people of Mosul is incomprehensibly high.

Thousands of civilians have been killed – no one knows exactly how many people have died, how many bodies remain crushed under the rubble of the once-vibrant city, how many whole families have been lost, how many children have been orphaned. A million or so were displaced from their homes; hundreds of thousands of weakened, malnourished Moslawis, many of them psychologically devastated from years under ISIS rule, are still languishing in ill-equipped camps in the desert outside the city, where temperatures routinely soar to 120 degrees…

Government, coming to help you too.

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