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The Real Scandal: Americans Don’t Care About Afghanistan

Posted by M. C. on July 30, 2017

Will kids who weren’t yet born when the war began have to fight it ?

Here, it seems to me, we confront the real scandal. It’s not simply that six months into the Trump administration there is no strategy to guide U.S. actions in Afghanistan, although that is bad enough. It’s that so few Americans care. They don’t know why U.S. forces are in Afghanistan, what they are doing there, how long they will remain, and whether or not they are accomplishing anything beneficial either to the United States or to the people of Afghanistan.

I don’t think the government know why it is in the Graveyard of Empires either. 

The government won’t admit defeat no matter how many years, no metter how many US solidiers live, no matter how hundreds of thousands of civilian lives, no matter how many millions of refugees.

No matter how much terrorist retribution the world has to endure because of western intervention.

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