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Transportation as a “Service” – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

Posted by M. C. on July 30, 2017

The relation ship between car manufacturers and government is friendlier than you think.

Are we headed toward no private ownership?

Car ownership will soon be a thing of the past, some say.

Some wish.

Instead of buying a car every so often and driving that car for a period of years – and owning the car – people will simply tap an app and rent a car by the hour or day; whatever their need at the moment happens to be.

Theoretically – and probably, actually – you could keep a given car working like a Filipino Lady Boy, almost 24-7. Pimping the ride to one “John” after the next. With carpet vacuuming and Febreze in between.

Almost no down time.

The car that brings in say $400/month as a sale brings in that much – or more – in a week – as a rental. No wonder the stampede toward “transportation as a service.” GM especially – which is already implementing this via its Maven app in the New York City area.


By renting the use of the car for a brief period of time, the cost of the car itself is cleverly hidden from everyone except the people collecting the rent. It is analogous to renting hotel room as opposed to buying a house (with several rooms). Considered in isolation, the overnight rental for a room seems quote reasonable when compared with the cost of a mortgage. But add up the cost of numerous overnight stays at the hotel and the math begins to tilt the other way – and at the end of the day, you own exactly nothing.

My wife recently asked me for a piece of chalk. “I think I have one in my toolbox”.

As I retrieved the chalk I thought about why it was in my toolbox. It was from back in the days when you had to highlight the timing mark on the vibration dampner in order to set timing after changing the points.

Now it is illegal to change the timing, if it was even possible. You can change the oil, filter, plugs and wires and that is about it, for now.

No custom steering wheels, no aftermarket tinted glass in some places, GPS and black boxes ratting the sheeple out without their knowing it.

On Star is still following you around even when you let the subscription slide. All the info on those fast starts and stops and occassional excursions across the centerline and above the speed limit is going somewhere.

How about all the “standard accessories” you get whether you want them or not.

ABS, steering control, backup cameras and other sensors you have to pay for when your bumper gets crushed, costing thousand$. Same for the camera screen and fancy lights in the rear view mirror you just crunched at the bank ATM.

What will that computer screen that you can’t live without cost to replace when blue death strikes? Will you even be able to drive the car let alone adjust the radio.

The government mandates what you buy and pay for (and you don’t hear any complaints from motor city about that).

How long before only an “authorized mechanic” be able to open the hood on your government approved car?

How long before you will only be able to buy car service and not a car?

I used to love cars and working on them. Not any more.

Be seeing you


I am not a number. I am a free man!



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