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Washington Pushes Harder Against Russia — Paul Craig Roberts –

Posted by M. C. on August 1, 2017

The Russian government, like Chamberlain’s, has not responded to provocations far more dangerous than Chamberlain faced, because, like Chamberlain, the Russian government prefers peace to war.

It is a difficult situation for the Russian government. The Russians mistakenly believed that the demise of the Soviet Union made us all friends. It seems only Gorbachev understands that the Soviet collapse removed all constraint on Washington’s hegemonic behavior. Few in Russia seem to understand that the enormous budget and power of the US military/security complex, about which President Eisenhower, warned in 1961, needs an enemy for its justification, and that the Soviet collapse had removed the enemy. The very minute that Russia stood up for its national interest, Washington filled the desperately needed category of “The Enemy” with Putin’s Russia.

The Russian government and upper class have been extremely slow in realizing this. Indeed, only a few are beginning to see the light.

The funny things about WW II you never hear discussed.

Some think Russia won WW II because they tied up the bulk of the German army inflicting and receiving the most horrendous casualties. A thing you never learned in government school.

The other is GB and France started WW II because Russia’s partner at the time, Germany, invaded Poland. WW II was started to save Poland. FDR and Churchill gave Poland away to Russia at Yalta.

The surgery was a success but we killed the patient. All that death and destruction for nothing.

In US foreign policy peace is a foreign concept.

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