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The Imbecile Tax

Posted by M. C. on August 8, 2017

Grown-ups used to appreciate being treated asgrown-ups, especially by other grown-ups. How is it that today’s grown-ups demand that they be treated like not-too-bright children?

This manifests all over but one obvious area is new cars. The latest example being what Nissan just announced it will be installing in at least one of its 2018 models – the Pathfinder SUV – and probably, inevitably, the rest, too:

“Rear Door Alert.”

Its purpose? To remind Moo or Duh (or both of them, together) that Baby Finster is strapped into his seat back there and not to forget and leave him to roast like a pork loin while they go shopping for a new sail fawn.

I remember when one could order a new car to actually get what you wanted, not what the government says you want.

When you hear ‘it’s for the children’ it is usually someone besides children that is making out.  In this case Washington power people and car manufacturers.

The wake up call comes when you have to replace a bumper cam and all the sensors after backing into something you didn’t see while looking a a camera screen.  When that camera/computer screen gets the blue death how many accessories become inoperable?  Can you even run the car? Can you fix it for less than 4 figures?

An MGB with leather, a teak dash and a nice set of gauges is looking pretty good.  A real car.

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