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North Korea Nuke Attack- What- Me Worry?

Posted by M. C. on August 9, 2017

what-me worry

Congress is currently considering expanding the U.S. national missile defense system, despite the fact that — nearly 15 years after the Bush administration began deploying it — it has not been demonstrated to work under real-world conditions and is not on a path to do so.

Any nuke missile launch is bad but why the big hubbub over the two or three NK might launch at once? I think the Pentagram doth protest too much.

Back in Cold War I we had Cray supercomputers that could track hundreds of Soviet missiles at once, separating fake from real and launching the missiles that would save the country. All very expensive.

What has happened? Probably nothing. I doubt the technology worked then, it doesn’t work now.

We need Russia’s help to get our own people on and off the space station.

In Cold War II, we can barely launch a missile let alone track and destroy one dummy test rocket. We were lied to then, we are lied to now. The public has no idea as to our nor NK’s true capabilities.  I wonder if our own military knows.

One sure bet is we are going to spend $trillions to get us back to where we were supposed to have been in 1960.

At the rate Kim Jung Un is supposedly advancing maybe the Pentagram is worried NK nuclear missile capability will soon surpass US.

I suspect the only way we will know anything for sure is if and when the missiles start flying and the bullshit stops. Our superb foreign policy is speeding US along that path.

Another sure bet-NK and US  are tied in the BS race.

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