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Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on August 12, 2017

More that you didn’t learn in government school. Frank Capra’s fake news.

This, however, is absurd. Pearl Harbor was a military base. Hiroshima was a city, inhabited by some three hundred thousand people, which contained military elements. In any case, since the harbor was mined and the US Navy and Air Force were in control of the waters around Japan, whatever troops were stationed in Hiroshima had been effectively neutralized.

On other occasions, Truman claimed that Hiroshima was bombed because it was an industrial center. But, as noted in the US Strategic Bombing Survey, “all major factories in Hiroshima were on the periphery of the city — and escaped serious damage.”4 The target was the center of the city. That Truman realized the kind of victims the bombs consumed is evident from his comment to his cabinet on August 10, explaining his reluctance to drop a third bomb: “The thought of wiping out another 100,000 people was too horrible,” he said; he didn’t like the idea of killing “all those kids.”5 Wiping out another one hundred thousand people … all those kids.

Moreover, the notion that Hiroshima was a major military or industrial center is implausible on the face of it. The city had remained untouched through years of devastating air attacks on the Japanese home islands, and never figured in Bomber Command’s list of the 33 primary targets.6

By early summer 1945, the Japanese fully realized that they were beaten. Why did they nonetheless fight on? As Anscombe wrote, “It was the insistence on unconditional surrender that was the root of all evil.

To the Japanese, this meant that the emperor — regarded by them to be divine, the direct descendent of the goddess of the sun — would certainly be dethroned and probably put on trial as a war criminal and hanged, perhaps in front of his palace.

So there you go. Those A-bombed cites were never considered military targets

The Japanese were ready for surrender months before the bomb dropped. German generals were ready bail on Hitler long before VE day. Rudolph Hess defected to Scotland in 1941 with a plan for surrender. The allies would have none of it.

A single night of firebombing a Japanese paper shack city killed about as many as an A bomb. Fire bombing German cities killed untold thousands each night.

Firebombings made 9/11 look like the Teddy bears Picnic.

Japan’s islands were surrounded, the people were starving. The was no reason for invasion nor the bombs.

There are those that believe the bombs were dropped as a message to Uncle Joe’ Stalin. No skin off our nose. There are also those that believe if Japan had their way in China after a conditional surrender the commie take over of China may not have happened.

Chiang Kai-Shek was already fighting the commies more than the Japanese, much to the consternation of Vinegar Joe Stillwell. Frank Capra war documentaries about how China was fighting the Japanese were fake news, government lies. Stemming the communist tide in China may be a stretch but we will never know.

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