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The Guy Who Invented Those Annoying Password Rules Now Regrets Wasting Your Time

Posted by M. C. on August 15, 2017

There should be a national ‘Bill Burr Honesty After Safely Pensioned From My Government Job Day’.

We’ve all been forced to do it: create a password with at least so many characters, so many numbers, so many special characters, and maybe an uppercase letter. Guess what? The guy who invented these standards nearly 15 years ago now admits that they’re basically useless. He is also very sorry.

The only problem is that Bill Burr didn’t really know much about how passwords worked back in 2003, when he wrote the manual. He certainly wasn’t a security expert. And now the retired 72-year-old bureaucrat wants to apologize.

This is why the latest set of NIST guidelines recommends that people create long passphrases rather than gobbledygook words like the ones Bill thought were secure.

One of the many un-elected bureaucrats that has added misery to our lives admits he did not know what he was doing.

Simpler is better.

This NIST is going against the government way of things. Subjugation through:

Stoking fear-Terrorism!, IRS, bird flu, Russian hackers will drain your savings without a government approved password.                                                                                       Complication-that sows disorientation and eases manipulation-Tax laws, Obamacare, making the company you work for force unmemorizable passwords.                   Intimidation-We are right, you are wrong, You don’t want get a mercury laden flu shot! You and the children will suffer. It is for the children!

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