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Pardon the Bundy Family and their Supporters

Posted by M. C. on August 17, 2017

Government by the government and for the government – Especially if you are a Senator or Senator’s son.

The fact that the Bundy family would not leave their ancestral land helped cause the Reid-Chinese solar deal to fall apart, which incensed Senator “Pinky” Reid, who then determined to use the full might and force of Federal Law Enforcement to bring terror down upon the Bundy Family’s heads

Here we have the BLM, the EPA, and the FBI threatening death, stealing land by fiat, and slaughtering livestock while laughing about it. We have allowed our public servants to become modern-day robbers.

In the case of the Bundy Family, there were merely the last ones standing. All of the other ranchers that had developed the area around Bunkerville, NV over the past 150 years had been driven off by the same strong-arm tactics that the Bundy’s resisted.

You can be sure that this is not an isolated case. The EPA has been using the land forfeiture laws to harass and steal land, often to hand it over to an entrenched political crony. Bit by bit they are destroying the American Way of Life, by forcing dependence upon the Federal Government. In Oregon, where the wildlife refuge standoff occurred, the people supported the Hammond Family. They watched as the government destroyed Harney County.

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