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Libertarian response to latest North Korean missile launch | Libertarian Party

Posted by M. C. on August 31, 2017

Libertarian foreign and defense policy derives from the common-sense ideas of a vigorous defense of our own country against foreign aggression, coupled with refraining from interference in the affairs of other countries, and free trade with all.

Most Democratic and Republican politicians are at the beck and call of the military/industrial/security/intelligence complex and their K Street lobbyists. 

Defense, security, and intelligence agencies and contractors make billions of dollars fighting inconclusive, never-ending, unwinnable wars overseas. American taxpayers get the bill. American soldiers, the combatants in countries we invade, and innocent civilians all pay the price in blood.

It’s time for the common-sense Libertarian solution. Maintain a vigorous defense capability of our own country. Don’t pick fights with other countries, particularly fights we cannot win. Use the money saved to lessen the debt and tax burden borne by American citizens.

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