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Geert Wilders at his best – Aussie Conservative Blog

Posted by M. C. Fox on September 3, 2017

Generally speaking, no politician should ever try to be seen through a one dimensional lense. But more importantly, while Wilders’ Islam rhetoric is appealing to those thoroughly informed on the ideology, it foreseeably has the scope to unnerve and put off otherwise populist/ conservative leaning voters from voting PVV.

Some months ago I anticipated that if Wilders stayed critical of Islam, but extended more political energy towards campaigning against the European Union, this would heighten prospects of PVV success.

Subsequently, the transcript of Wilders’ recent speech delivered to the Ambrosetti conference is encouraging, as Europe’s most famous counter- jihadist speaks more in the nationalist/ Islam- critical of ilk of Marine Le Pen, rather than centering all speeches and activities wholly upon Islam.

Here is hoping Wilders can eliminate EU separation anxiety throughout Europe.  His biggest problem will be the anxiety of the US losing what they perceive as their European vassal state.

I hope Wilders bodyguards can recognize CIA as well as Islamic assassin’s.

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