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Alejandro Villanueva did not boycott anthem by accident | Daily Mail Online

Posted by M. C. on September 26, 2017

I think thee protest too much. You can’t have it both ways.

Where was the NFL leadership? Likely too busy counting the day’s take and finding ways to ignore the brain trauma that was happening before their eyes.

‘I threw my teammates under the bus’: Alejandro Villanueva says he planned to join Steelers in national anthem boycott and only ended up on the field when he accidentally walked out of the tunnel

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger also said on Monday that he was meant to be by Villanueva’s side at the time, but got held back by the melee in the tunnel after the tackle walked too far out.

‘When we came out of the locker room into that tunnel, it was a very small area,’ explained Roethlisberger.

‘There was a flag or something coming off the field so there were a bunch of Bears fans, coming off the field holding that thing going in front of us, so it kind of held us up.’

So one guy just accidentally stumbles onto the field while another is blocked by Bears fans.

How can you accidentally walk out of the tunnel when you weren’t going to walk out to protest a serious issue? Judging by the body language my interpretation is Army ranger tough Villanueva did what he thought was right but got scared at being alone. Oh! What are my buddies and coach going to say? All he had to do was about face and take 3 steps back. Maybe Roethlisberger’s invisible fans blocked his way.

Then he apologizes to the team for making them look bad? What is that?

NFL mentality, what little exists, has really screwed this guy up.


Roethlisberger is blocked by those same invisible Bears fans. The reality is he could have taken 3 big boy steps and been right at Villanueva’s side.

Roethlisberger is as good at spinning a yarn as he is riding a motorcycle license free and helmetless.

The Army ranger football player buckles under to peer pressure. Roethlisberger’s actions are harder to call. He was probably fantasizing about the last bimbo that took him for a ride. What is going on upstairs?

I remember the Jerry Sandusky fiasco. A Penn State student was interviewed on TV saying that if Penn State won the football game it would make everyone feel better.

People take sports and this football crap way too seriously.

I can’t imagine being associated with a group that warmly welcomes a dog torturer.

Be seeing you


I am not a number. I am a free man!-Number 6

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