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Don’t Fall for Tax Reform | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on September 29, 2017

Congress does not have the intellectual ability let alone the morals and intestinal fortitude to get the job done. The tax code should be about ten pages, not tens of thousands.

Who will bet anything congress does will result in larger, not smaller, pile of pages?

It’s a con, and a shell game. It’s a promise every presidential candidate makes, including Trump. But we ought to be suspicious of grandiose talk about Congress reforming anything. Tax reform proposals always evade and obscure the real issue, which is the total cost– financial, compliance, and human– taxes impose on society. The fundamental questions about war and entitlements and state power go unasked. We never consider whether Congress really needs to spend more than $4 trillion in 2018, or how it managed to double federal spending in only 15 years. 

When it come to tax reform, we only need to ask one question: does the proposal reduce or eliminate an existing tax (or taxes)? Beyond that bright line test, complexity serves only as a tool for Congress to obscure the truth. If a proposal is complex it’s probably no good.

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