Opinion from a Libertarian ViewPoint

Everything You Need to Know About Proper Hat Etiquette

Posted by M. C. on September 30, 2017

Here is a sign I would like to see-Gentlemen, please remove your hats. The rest of you can keep it on.

 Guys, whether you’re wearing a fedora, trilby, or a baseball cap, you shouldn’t be wearing your hat indoors most of the time (again, some public areas are okay). For example, places where hats are always off-limits include homes, schools, restaurants, cafes, churches, theaters, and some businesses (especially if you’re there for business). But even if you are in an area where hats are okay, you should take them off in the presence of a lady. You should also remove your hat during meals, during movies, during the national anthem, during weddings, during funerals, during dedications, while taking photographs, and when you’re being introduced to someone.


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