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SWAT Team or SLOTH Team: Las Vegas Response Time

Posted by M. C. Fox on October 5, 2017

I remember a WW II set movie where two buddies return home and one jokes about the other-I had to train him to enter a room without throwing a grenade in first.

Clearing a room is not a new concept.

Let me get this straight. A guy is firing automatic weapons at a crowd. The windows he is firing from are smashed — all those bullets, don’t you know. They are the only windows that are smashed in the hotel.

The smoke was coming out of one window. That was because it was smashed. That was a tip off, you see. “We saw all that smoke.” Yes, coming from where the shots were being fired.

It took 20 minutes for the cops to figure this out.

As comedian George Gobel used to say back in 1954: “Suuuuure it did.”

Most of the media are politely silent about the response time.

CNN was precise about when the shooting started: at 10:08 PM. “The gunshots lasted for 10 to 15 minutes. It didn’t stop,” said witness Rachel de Kerf.

The article never mentioned anything about when the SWAT team broke in.

Here is a headline on Drudge.

I clicked the link. I got this article. There is nothing about 72 minutes. There is not a word on how the SWAT team got to the room, or how long it took. We read this: “But when a SWAT team stormed the room where Paddock had been staying since September 28, they found he had killed himself.” When was this, exactly? Silence.

NBC did report the elapsed time in a short report. It was 72 minutes. We read: “Police initially began searching for the shooter on the 29th floor, working their way up to the 32nd floor where authorities say they immediately realized they were in the right place.” Immediately is as immediately does.

What we have here is media manipulation. They do not want readers to ask: “What took the cops so long?”

They do not want readers to think this: “I had better be armed if this happens to me. I had better be prepared to run for cover. I may not have 72 minutes.”

The media prefer that we think this: “We need federal gun control laws.”

We have gun control laws for machine guns. We have had them since the 1930’s.

Britain’s Daily Mail got it right. Newsweek also got it right. Most did not.

72 minutes-That sure got my attention when I first heard it.

Cops are more and more ex-military. Trained to kill people and break things. Just the people you want around your children. What better way to continue the fun than to join a SWAT team.

I remember a WW II set movie where two buddies return home and one jokes about the other-I had to train him to enter a room without throwing a grenade in first.

Clearing a room is not a new concept. Seals train for it and it seems to me it would be pretty standard military training.

The CNN says the shooting lasted 15 minutes. It 20 minutes to get to the room and 52 more minutes to enter the room.

Did it take that long to get all their shielding up 32 floors? Was there other activity going on about which that we aren’t know about? Were they told to back off? Was it as simple as they were waiting for the guy to ‘off’ himself? There is something we aren’t being told.

The people on the ground were obviously not the primary concern.

There have been instances where SWAT teams have no hesitation in taking out the perp. Like this.

SWAT team throws concussion grenade into baby playpen during no-knock raid

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