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How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver

Posted by M. C. on October 9, 2017

Anyone Can Use the Heimlich Maneuver — Even on Yourself

One of the most compelling features of what is now the go-to procedure for choking, nearly anyone can use it. Medical News Today6explains other scenarios that may require a slightly altered procedure: When the choking victim, child or adult, is unconscious or cannot stand:

  1. Position the victim flat on their back and sit on their thighs, facing them.
  2. Placing one hand on top of the other, positioning the heel of your hand over their diaphragm, just below the rib cage and above their navel.
  3. Lean onto your hands, pushing upward and inward, repeating until the object is coughed out.

Performing Heimlich on yourself (when there’s no one to help):

  1. Make a fist, and with your thumbs pointing inward, position your fist against your diaphragm, under the rib cage and above the navel.
  2. Push in sharply until the object is expelled.
  3. If unable to do this or if it doesn’t work, lean over a solid object such as a counter or chair, position the edge at your diaphragm and push in and up. Move slightly forward and backward to produce thrusts, repeating as necessary.

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