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How Our Freedom Developed – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on October 11, 2017

Murray N. Rothbard has infuriated me! I learned exponentially more from this text than from every American history class I have ever taken and every history text book I was forced to purchase – combined. I paid $4 American (in 2014 dollars) for this collection on eBook. When compared to the several thousand I spent in college courses and American History text books, this has to be the greatest value ever. If Rothbard had only expanded his scope to include math, physical science, and engineering…well, I could have gotten my entire undergraduate education for less than $20. How dare he stick to the social sciences!

Further, his “Liberty versus Power” perspective provides for ultimate clarity when determining the motivations behind colonial & revolutionary period events. Many of the mythical figures of the revolution lose their sainthood when checked through the prism of Rothbard’s perspective. To say the least, Ben Franklin and Murray probably don’t enjoy each others company at the Thursday night card game in the afterlife, as he shows Franklin to have been quite the opportunist – happy to take his turn at the public trough to enjoy the political largesse, and certainly no radical friend of liberty.

This is about Murray Rothbard’s Conceived In Liberty.

Originally a 4 volume set dealing with American history from before Columbus to just after the revolutionary war. Detailed but always interesting.

It will make you wonder how the hell government schools get away with the job they do.

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