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Media Says You’re to Blame for Shootings Unless You Report Odd Behavior | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on October 11, 2017

Beria and FDR’s Uncle Joe would have been proud.

“How do we fit the latest tragedy into our political agenda?” The media wondered. “Gun control is so cliché. And even though the tragedies get bigger and bigger, we still have little luck!”

“I have an idea!” Exclaimed one outlet, “We can convince people that if they don’t report their neighbors and family members to authorities for acting subjectively crazy, then they are to blame for crazy people’s actions!”

“Yes!” Agreed another, “And we can tell them that ‘micro-aggressions’, criticism of the government, and just getting a bad feeling from someone are all worthy of reporting to the authorities!”

A possibly more sinister attempt is underfoot to get Americans to turn on each other. Be suspicious of anyone that makes you feel icky. Rat out your neighbor. Being politically incorrect is just one step shy of a shooting rampage. That is the message.

And if you don’t call the police to report suspicious behavior, you are just as guilty as a mass murderer. That is the story the media is selling.

Instead of ignoring, mocking or laughing off the people in our society who seem disgruntled, angry or somehow “off” we must report them. We need to take a more active role in not just paying attention to the people who give us an uneasy feeling, but in taking the next step by alerting law enforcement when we have uneasy feelings or are worried about a person’s potential for violence.

That’s right, the true problem is that we haven’t been proper social spies.

What kind of person does the mainstream media consider a potential candidate to be the next mass shooter?

Let’s take snippets of information about the last mass shooter. Let’s generalize those behaviors to assume anyone guilty of such acts is a potential killer.

“He was the king of microaggression,” his brother, Eric, said…

The other thing that set Paddock apart was his “irreverence toward authority,” Mr Alarcon said.

If you hate political correctness or are anti-authority, you might be a terrorist.

Other suspicious behaviors: not being sociable with neighbors, and not being talkative at bars. The media wants to make sure people are all together, keeping an eye on each other. Don’t let someone be a loner, don’t let anyone keep to themselves. You must probe and prod. The desire for privacy is suspicious. What are they hiding?

There are always clues. Threats posted online, angry or violent sentiments conveyed in conversations, guns purchased, and ammunition stockpiled are among them.

Do you know anyone who has posted rants on Facebook, seems angry sometimes, or is just a little too into guns? Probably a terrorist. Report them.

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