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Never Go to a Family Movie – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on October 23, 2017

A social justice warrior/Pentagon production.

I rarely see a modern “family movie” (since they are usually decidedly anti-family), but as it was one of my children’s birthdays, we went to see “The LEGO Ninjago Movie.”  How could a movie about Lego ninjas be anti-family?  I took a chance.  Well, it was as bad as they come.

From the very beginning, the father was the caricature of an evil uncaring absentee dad.  To drive the point home (in case you missed it), they went the extra mile and gave him devil horns, red eyes, dressed him in black, made him a greedy capitalist, and had him live in a fire-and-brimstone volcano lair.  Well, I gave him a chance.  Maybe he was an homage to Darth Vader and would turn around in the end.

Meanwhile, the ugly loveless devil-image of a dad is ejecting unappreciated employees into the stratosphere from his lava-spewing company headquarters as he fires them without so much as listening to their suggestions on how to improve the company. Well, of course; after all, he’s a man and men don’t listen.  A list of the dad’s faults includes every bad thing known to mankind including leveling cities, attacking innocent people, and crashing the stock market. The dad is obviously Satan from the way he looks, the way he acts, and the look of the hellish underworld he lives in.

I thought making the dad Satan and an anti-labor capitalist who crashed the stock market was a tiny bit over the top, but it fit nicely with the mainstream media’s summation of everything bad in society: men / fathers and the free market.

From the beginning, the son persistently tries to kill his dad.  The son, piloting a mechanized green dragon with multiple weapon pods heroically unloads (multiple times in the movie) a “full payload” of weaponry on his dad as the robotic voice in the craft dramatically ticks off the weaponry being activated and fired, one after another after another, as the son tries to murder him for not being present during his upbringing.

The weaponry streaking through the sky is reminiscent of tracer fire in news footage of some glorious Mid-East war.  I guess we are supposed to revel in the son’s continuous acts of revenge against his absentee uncaring father as the son’s munitions impact the dad in almost never-ending strafing runs.

As an audience member, I think I was supposed to be chanting, “Yes! Take that! And that!”…

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