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US House Passes ‘Harshest Ever’ North Korea Sanctions – News From

Posted by M. C. Fox on October 26, 2017

Kim Jong-un  and his generals won’t be the ones eating tree bark.

In a 415-2 vote, the House of Representatives has passed the “Otto Warmbier Act,” a new round of sanctions against North Korea described as the “harshest ever” in US history. If it passes, it would ban anyone who does any business or cooperates in any way with North Korea from having US business ties.

Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) voted against the bill, with Massie warning he believed the bill moves the US closer to war, and creates tensions with natural allies.

Japan, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Syria and who knows where else. When have sanctions ever brought peace and reconciliation? It always brings pain and suffering to innocent civilians. The politicians and military keep what is left for themselves.

Often as not war is the outcome. Knowing the way the MIC operates that could well be the intent. It certainly worked that way with Japan.

FDR wanted war with Japan (who had treaties with Germany) to legitimize going to war in Europe. He sanctioned petroleum and scrap metal. FDR got his wish.

China works with North Korea. We are doing our best to rattle our sabers in China’s face. Some want war with them.

If nothing else war with China would take attention from all the other wars we are losing.

Russia broke ISIS’ back in Syria, not sanctions nor the ‘moderate’ rebels that the US trains and end up selling their weapons and/or themselves to Al Qaeda or ISIS.

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