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Norwegian leaders want to know why US Marines are stationed in the country

Posted by M. C. on October 29, 2017

I think it has something to do with building global empire using governments that willingly allow themselves to become dependent sock puppets.

Opposition leaders in Norway have asked Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s center-right government to explain the precise role of U.S. Marines stationed on a rotating basis in the country.

The presence of the 330-strong Marine Corps unit forms part of expanding cooperation between Norwegian and U.S. forces, particularly in the area of joint multibranch exercises in the Arctic region’s High North close to Norway’s border with Russia.

Fundamentally, the leaders of the Center, Socialist Left and leftist Red parties want the government to clarify what status and long-term operating role U.S. forces will have in Norway

“There has been no real debate about the role of U.S. forces. There is concern that we may be looking at a significant shift in Norwegian defense policy without an informed debate,” said Audun Lysbakken, leader of the Socialist Left party.

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