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Why the Hush on Neoconservative Links to Trump Dossier? | The American Conservative

Posted by M. C. Fox on November 2, 2017

Because neocon columnists like Michael Gerson, David Inatius and Jonah Goldberg are an integral part of the soft coup d’etat.

For example, Byron York’s investigative work for the Washington Examiner, which reports that the dossier originated with the Washington Free Beacon, only hints at, without explicitly mentioning, its neoconservative connections. York links the publication and its editors to Never-Trump activism, but goes no further in breaking down their ideological identities. In fact, the only website that does go further is Breitbart, which tells us that Weekly Standard editor-at-large Bill Kristol founded the Beacon, and that, like the Standard, the Beacon has a “neoconservative foreign policy outlook.”

Kristol and another neoconservative, Michael Goldfarb, were co-founders of the Beacon; the site’s major funder, Paul Singer, gives generously to neoconservative causes, and the present editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti is married to Kristol’s daughter Ann Elizabeth. The Washington Free Beacon has been a rallying point for neoconservative Never-Trumpers in Washington, and the hiring of Fusion GPS to go after Trump has all the hallmarks of their skullduggery. We shouldn’t be surprised that a neocon publication hired an agency to manufacture news against someone it was trying to bring down; it turns out that Trump, though, was too big a target for Kristol and his friends to successfully dispatch. (Interestingly, by the time Trump was in office, he and Kristol’s funder Paul Singer had reconciled.)

Fox News might allow Tucker Carlson to occasionally rough up such maniacal global interventionists as Ralph Peters and Max Boot, but lowering the boom on their friends for what they can blame entirely on the Democrats would be another matter altogether.

This explains the lackadaisical manner in which official conservatives have looked at neoconservative complicity in the formation of the dossier.

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