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Here’s How to Deal With Overpopulation | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on November 7, 2017

The trouble with all the individualistic solutions described below is they go against the UN Agenda 21 plan to get us out of the country and suburbia and collect us all into urban hives. The better to control you my dear.

Be independent! Live outside the dome! Not following the master plan! To the FEMA camp for you my good fellow!

Notice the innovative large scale solution from the most market based capitalistic city/state on the planet.

Anytime someone in an elite or powerful position starts saying the population is too high we should get worried. You can bet it isn’t their friends and family that they are talking about overpopulating the Earth.

Of course, they are talking about people whom they consider peasants. Definitely me, and probably you too. We are the ones crowding this little planet, and we are the ones whose carbon footprint they say is a problem. Nevermind that the elites burn more carbon flying to their global warming conferences than I use in a year.

But these elites are just so amazingly unimaginative. Either that or they just don’t want to find a solution to accommodate Earth’s growing population.

Prince William and his wife Kate are just months away from adding a third child to their family. Yet “voluntary family limitation” was his best suggestion for tackling a growing population. He specifically mentioned the fact that Africa’s population would double in the next 25 years.

Singapore is familiar with overpopulation. Because of innovative government, the island nation is a popular destination for emigrants. Singapore has expanded the island by importing massive amounts of sand to grow the land base. But they have also started digging.

Underneath Singapore, at varying depths, are pedestrian walkways, infrastructure service tunnels, public transportation, and an ammunition storage facility the size of 400 football fields. There is even an oil storage cavern the height of a nine-story building which can store 580 Olympic size swimming pools worth of oil.

Stories abound about people in remote places singlehandedly reforesting acres upon acres of land.

One man in India planted a tree a day for 35 years, restoring over 1,300 acres of desert into a forest.

One of the founders of Church’s Chicken used his money to buy dry rocky land in Texas. Seven wells drilled hundreds of feet deep turned up no water. But by simply planting the right kind of native grass, rains started to percolate into the natural reservoir beneath. 50 years later, springs abound, wildlife has returned, and the ranch is a lush paradise.

About 71% of the Earth is made up of oceans.

Seasteaders have been the butt of jokes for quite some time. But despite the adversity, dedicated people have soldiered on. Seasteading promises places to live, new sources of sustainable food, and positive impacts on the environment. 

Be seeing you


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