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Packed Churches: .357, .45, and Glock

Posted by M. C. on November 9, 2017

In liberal political circles, the gun-abolition outlook of browbeaten Western Europe is common. Liberals want to make Americans as fearful about the state, and as unquestioning regarding state intervention in their lives, as citizens are in Western Europe. This outlook does not predominate in the United States with respect to political theory, but it is predominant in practice. Most people believe in the principle of the Second Amendment in the United States, but most people are rarely armed. Most people really believe that the state can defend them against terrorists. Americans have surrendered their liberty to the federal government since 2011 on this basis. That is why the massacre in Texas took place.

My father was in the FBI. When he became a Christian, he grew concerned about whether he should ever shoot a criminal who threaten violence. His pastor, who was the first Northern Presbyterian pastor ever to be defrocked for orthodoxy — without a trial (1933) — had a ready reply: “Shoot him. He’s going to hell anyway.”

When somebody threatens violence against you, it is legitimate to transfer his case to a superior venue. Turn him over to a superior judge.

Remember this rule: there will be no plea bargaining on judgment day.

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