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“hero” Says “Suspicion is a Misdemeanor” – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

Posted by M. C. on November 13, 2017

Here’s a video taken of another “hero” law enforcer who makes up “the law” on the spot!

A guy is filming the publicly visible exterior of a police station from a public sidewalk – which is (for the moment) abundantly legal – when he is approached by two confrontational “heroes” who – of course – demand his ID, Soviet-style.

Not because the man is committing a crime – but because he is challenging the authority of the “heroes.” It is time, therefore, for a Dominance Display.

The fact that this sort of thing is has become routine in the United States says a lot about the state of the United States, which is no longer even plausibly a “free” country. It is a country in which lawless law enforcers do as they please – insolently – because they are confident that there will be no meaningful repercussions, no matter what they do.

The guy taking the video politely asks what crime he’s committed, or is suspected of committing. This used to be the probable cause standard for detaining a person; that is, armed government workers were once-upon-a-time legally required to have a specific reason for suspecting a criminal act had been committed or was about to be committed before they could lawfully prevent a citizen from peaceably going about his business.

It is no longer required.

The “heroes” reply that he is “suspicious” – and he is informed that this is a “misdemeanor.”

The reality is, the “heroes” want to show who is Boss – and will use any device, legal or otherwise, to establish this fact. In a free country- if we still had one – this citizen would be free to go.


Of course, we do not live in a free country. And so he isn’t free to go.

These “hero” law enforcers” are brazenly acting well outside their lawful authority – which fact ought to result in their being fired and charged with abuse of authority under color of law – but it doesn’t.

They are free to go. To continue assaulting people under color of law.

Be seeing you


I am not a number. I am a free man!-Number 6


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