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Imposing a Missile ‘No-Fly Zone’ in North Korea Is Deranged | The American Conservative

Posted by M. C. on November 16, 2017

Embargoes and no-fill in the blank- zones so effective.

Look at Iraq, Gaza, Cuba and…North Korea.

Marc Thiessen offers up one of the dumbest and most dangerous proposals for dealing with North Korea:

If Trump wants to stop North Korea’s drive for nuclear missiles capable of striking the U.S. homeland, he should look to the success of his Syrian strike as a model. Specifically, he should announce that North Korean nuclear and missile tests will no longer be tolerated — that, henceforth, North Korea is a ballistic missile “no-fly zone” and a nuclear weapons “no-test zone.” Any attempt by North Korea to launch a ballistic missile will be met with a targeted military strike either taking out the missile on the launchpad or blowing it up in the air using missile defense technology. And any attempt to test a nuclear weapon will be met with a targeted strike taking out the test site and other related nuclear facilities.

Thiessen wants the president to issue a threat that he can’t back up without illegally attacking another country and risking a major war. He also somehow thinks that a regime that is hyper-sensitive about its sovereignty will comply with demands made under threat of an illegal attack on its territory. Of course, North Korea won’t comply, and Trump will be left with the choice of backing down from his stupid threat or carrying it out with potentially disastrous consequences…

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