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Warning: One of These Monopolies is Going to Control You | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on November 17, 2017

Why are governments so interested in breaking up monopolies? To protect the biggest monopoly of all, the government.

The American people are skilled mental gymnasts. They can totally agree that monopolies in the private sector are bad. But monopolies on defense, law enforcement, courts, education, roads, and so on are perfectly fine, even necessary!

This comes down to the myth of the process. People have been convinced that since companies are motivated by profit, they are untrustworthy. Governments are allegedly altruistic, working in the best interests of the people. In reality, the people in government take their profits in power.

Big Gov

We pay businesses voluntarily and use their services if we like them. We are taxed whether we like it or not when it comes to government. Yet everyone goes crazy over alleged private monopolies, and doesn’t bat an eye at the worst coercive monopoly of all!

“We” are going to decide whether a business should be allowed to exist. Democracy is mob rule, so “we” can simply destroy a business by force. Nevermind that we could actually peacefully stop Google’s monopoly by not using Google!

The fact that this question is being asked seriously proves how much worse government monopolies are than economic monopolies.

Governments have such a vast monopoly on the “legitimate” use of force, that they can openly discuss whether or not they will violently destroy a business. I say violently because ultimately all their power is exercised through actual violence, or the threat of violence…

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