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Anarchy: How a Region of Somalia Just Solidified Its Independence | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on November 30, 2017

Help Wanted-Government need not apply.

Is this the next Hong Kong?

And in the north there is a separatist state called Somaliland. Here crime is lower, and the economy is freer. More people have power and water. The standard of living is higher. The region bases its law on the historical Xeer system, similar to Common Law.

And until now, no international entity wanted to recognize Somaliland.

Did the people protest? Did the government petition the UN? Did they rebel against the southern “official” government?

No. Economic opportunity surfaced. Somaliland’s first international ally is not a government, but a business.

The fourth largest port company in the world made a deal with the government of Somaliland. DP World will build an economic free zone in the new Republic

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