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Researchers Develop a Cheap Way to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage With Aluminum Foil | Mental Floss

Posted by M. C. on November 30, 2017

Direct the signal and don’t jam the router behind a signal blocker.

People living in homes with spotty Wi-Fi may feel tempted to throw out their routers, switch providers, or even move. But researchers at Dartmouth College have discovered a more practical alternative that costs less than a month of internet. As EurekAlert reports, a sheet of metal and plastic can vastly improve the reach of a home’s Wi-Fi coverage.

The 3D-printed device is inspired by an even cheaper home hack that’s been around for a while: By placing an aluminum can behind their router, some people claim they can reflect wireless signals away from walls, furniture, and other obstructions. In place of a can, the new research presented at ACM’s BuildSys 2017 in the Netherlands relied on technology that’s slightly more sophisticated…

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