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Big Conservatism (The Big Con) – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on December 3, 2017

One “art” Washington doesn’t have to worry about funding is lying.

It’s true, of course, that this assessment of the 44th POTUS couldn’t be more correct: It is inconceivable that, being a proponent of Blackism and socialism, Obama could find anything worth conserving, much less loving, in the predominantly white, Christian, Constitutional Republic that America was originally meant to be and that it actually succeeded in becoming for much of its history.

Yet, while it will doubtless come as a shock to many to hear this, the fact of the matter is that the cogs in the wheel of Big Con are no less guilty than Obama of striving to fundamentally transform their country.

The Big Lie is comprised of two components, both of which are equally, thoroughly, deceptive.  The first is that America was “founded” upon an Idea or Proposition, the Idea, say, of Equality, of equal Natural or Human Rights.  Let’s call this the Propositional America Thesis (PAT).

The other is that America is “a nation of immigrants.”  This is the Immigrant America Thesis (IAT).

As we’ll see, though each is logically independent of the other, PAT lends support to IAT: According to PAT, America is actually the first ahistorical or suprahistorical nation, for the abstraction upon which America is “founded,” or the concept that is America, being both timeless and universal, transcends history.  In doing so, it transcends race, religion, ethnicity, culture, and even language.  Yet this in turn means that anyone, irrespectively of their origins, can become an American—as long as they are willing to embrace the principles upon which the nation is “founded.”

And this, according to the peddlers of the Big Lie, is exactly what has happened from America’s inception until the present.  No people can claim America as uniquely their own, for the Idea that is America, being an Idea, is without a history and without borders.

Now, while Republican politicians and their apologists among the scribblers and talkers in Big Conservative media don’t tell the exact same version of the Big Lie as that told by their leftist counterparts, they do indeed endorse the same Big Lie:

Both leftists and “conservatives,” for example, erase from history the Christianity of America’s founding stock.  While leftists would have us think that America’s Founders were deists and atheists who sought to emancipate America from centuries of Christian superstition by enshrining within their Constitution a clause prohibiting any and all public expressions of (Christian) religiosity, the official right in Big Conservatism characterizes America’s roots as “Judeo-Christian.”  This latter move has the same effect as the leftist’s version of the Big Lie by obscuring the religious-specific character of the men and women that settled and pioneered—that founded—America…

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