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Why Governments Treat You Like a Number, Not an Individual | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on December 31, 2017

Big Gov

Governments hate anything that empowers individuals. This is because it makes governing harder. And this holds true regardless of whether you view government as overall good, or generally evil…

Licensing by the government as a pre-requisite to enter a particular occupation is absurdly oppressive.

I can hear the hyperbolic objections now, “So you don’t want your brain surgeon to go to medical school?”

Of course, as an individual, I would still choose qualified professionals to provide services for me. The methods of evaluating these people would change based on the individual circumstances. For something as important as brain surgery, I may only rely on people who have achieved a medical doctorate from a reputable university, and passed an accreditation process in their field.

But a massage therapist? I might risk $60 on a masseuse with no official qualifications. More likely I would rely on reviews from other customers. Worst case scenario, I lose $60 and my back is still sore.

And then there is plenty of room in between…

The government uses licensing to control groups. Politicians get support from whole labor unions. They offer legitimacy in a profession, for a price.

If individuals did not rely on the government to enter professions, then the government would have no way of manipulating the masses for their own particular ends. Elections, favors, donations, legislation, and regulation all rely on grouping individuals together in order to better control them.

Licensing and legal ages are just two examples of this problem. At every turn, the government does not look at people as the individuals they are, but as a number, a part of a group, or a statistic. They do this with tax brackets, health insurance requirements, and law enforcement. They forget about individuals when it comes to regulations on technology like Uber, cryptocurrencies, and drones.

Allowing individuals to group themselves voluntarily would mean letting go of control. It would mean an end to a two-party political system that manufactures problems that can broadly group people into support camps. It would mean actually focusing on how things effect individuals, instead of using the good of the group as a smokescreen for actions which harm particular individuals.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The government doesn’t like individualism because it is harder to control people. But we don’t need the government to control people in order to be prosperous, safe, and healthy as individuals and as a society…

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I am not a number. I am a free man!-Number 6

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