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Sir Stirling Moss retires from public life

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2018

Read All But My Life

Sir Stirling Moss has announced he has officially retired from public life following illness at the age of 88.

Moss, winner of 16 Grands Prix and four times runner-up in the World Championship, has been recovering from health problems since 2016. He is to now focus on spending time his family and take a well-deserved rest…

Sterling Moss the “greatest driver never to win a world championship”. Due it is said to his patriotism, preferring to drive British cars.

The only time I saw Moss in the flesh was when he drove the mustang pace car at the 1969 Mid-Ohio Can Am race. Mark Donahue, Peter Revson, Chris Amon, Jo Siffert, Tony Dean, John Cannon in attendance with John Surtees driving the porthole Chaparral. Wow!

I read Moss’ autobiography sometime in that era, All But My Life. He had help, as I recall, by the famous motor sport writer Ken Purdy. Purdy was editor and contributor to True, A Man’s Magazine. A man’s magazine that my protective father could leave laying around the house. More ancient history.

How many “famous motor sport” writers are there today? Oh ya, Moss…

There was an incident in one of those Millia Miglia type sports car events where Moss drove and Denis Jenkinson was the navigator. Jenkinson said he erred telling Moss that there was a straightaway after the  crest of the hill which they were approaching flat out.  There was a sharp curve instead. Moss relatively calmly slammed the car down a couple gears, spun the back wheels and slid around the curve and carried on. Jenkinson said only Moss could do that.

A few years ago, when we were still blessed with Dave Despain and SpeedTV, Despain interviewed Moss at a vintage event. Earlier in the day was the Las Vegas Nascar race. Everyone was complaining about the “slippery” tires Goodyear had provided. My goodness, it was just awful!

Meanwhile Moss described his Mille Miglia win. Italian country roads (one can image their condition in the 50’s, no workers or ambulance on every corner), a helmet, a seat belt, flimsy roll bar, skinny tires and drum brakes that worked, poorly, half the time. A thousand miles in 10 hours! All the while battling the best of his era in likely better cars.

Different era, different man and certainly a different kind of race driver.

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