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Hygiene deficiency in Paris: Of Rats and Other Vermin

Posted by M. C. on January 31, 2018

More on illegal immigrants. Can garbage collectors enter the No-Go zones where police dare not (not allowed?) go?

…However, Parisian garbage collectors recently drew attention to the increasingly precarious hygiene conditions in the city with a shock video spontaneously filmed on their cell phones, when they found a whole colony of rats in a 160-gallon garbage can on December 9th in the chic eighth arrondissement. Garbage collector David recounts in the video: “A colleague told me that a rat jumped on his neck and another on his arm. As far as I know, no one’s been bitten yet, but we shouldn’t wait until something dramatic like that happens.” Since the video went viral on the Internet, the Paris City Hall has promised to address the problem….

But whereas the German administration takes care of everything, the Parisian Socialists take care of next to nothing. And so on squares, wide walkways and wherever there’s room, huge open-air slums constructed of boards are being created in districts inhabited mainly by immigrants. These are home to ‘Syrians,’ Eritreans, Ethiopians, Somalis, Afghans and citizens of other ‘sh*thole countries,’ as Donald Trump calls badly governed Third World states. And as in the slums of the Third World, these ‘refugees’ answer the call of nature in Paris outdoors – to the pleasure of rats and other vermin. The slum at the Porte de la Chapelle is particularly notorious and is regularly evacuated by the city after protests by local residents. But just like the Jungle of Calais, this shanty town is standing again a few hours later, because the city and the state refuse to tackle the problem at its roots and take action against illegal immigrants….

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