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Why you should NEVER keep chocolate in the fridge | Daily Mail Online

Posted by M. C. on January 31, 2018

Time to get serious.

Speaking to StuffNew Zealand based chocolate expert and judge, Luke Owen Smith, said that even in a heat wave, it’s best to avoid storing chocolate in the fridge at all costs… 

Instead, chocolate should be stored in a ‘cool, dark and dry place’ as ‘extremely cold temperatures can mess with the temper as much as hot temperatures can’.

If the heat is such that it is causing chocolate to melt into a soupy mess, Mr Owen said the best course of action is putting chocolate into a sealed container in the fridge but left out in room temperature for a while before eating….

There is one exception, however.

‘Chocolate with a creamy filling is likely to be at higher risk of going off and needs refrigeration,’ she said…

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