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Janet Yellen calls stock market, real estate valuations ‘high’ in last interview before exit as Fed chief

Posted by M. C. on February 6, 2018

Yellen and CNBC are just figuring this out now! Or are they just bringing it up now…that they don’t like the Prez?

This overvaluation started right after the bailouts from the previous Fed generated overvaluation.

“Well, I don’t want to say too high. But I do want to say high,”  David Stockman’s comment that Janet Yellen is a simpleton is confirmed, again.

CNBC Fed Survey: Janet Yellen’s tenure at Fed graded a ‘B’  

Janet Yellen ended her long career at the Federal Reserve with concerns over how high the stock market has surged under her watch.

 The S&P 500 has soared 315 percent since the March 2009 bear market lows and about 53 percent since she took over as chair of the central bank in 2004.

Yellen said in an interview with CBS News that market valuations are the source of some concern as she headed into private life following a 14-year Fed career, the last four as the chair. She spoke as the market finally took a breather from what has been a breathtaking move higher, with the Dow industrials falling 666 points Friday.

“Well, I don’t want to say too high. But I do want to say high,” she said. “Price/earnings ratios are near the high end of their historical ranges.”

In addition to elevated equity prices, Yellen also said commercial real estate is “quite high” compared with rents.

“Now, is that a bubble or is too high? And there it’s very hard to tell. But it is a source of some concern that asset valuations are so high,” she said…

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be seeing you





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