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When Will Congress Investigate All Interference in Elections?

Posted by M. C. on February 23, 2018

It is not the fact that we interfere in foreign affairs so much, except for assassination and government overthrow, it is the hypocrisy.

The government and press, for the most part, totally ignore US meddling, assassinations and overthrow of non-cooperative regimes. The sheeple heard something about Chile but, yah, that was a long time ago, can’t be bothered.

Very aggravating.

And the United States is hardly innocent when it comes to interfering in the domestic politics of both friends and enemies. That is very often what intelligence agencies are designed to do, and no one is more active in interfering in foreign governments and elections than the United States of America. The Russian election featuring Boris Yeltsin in 1996 was arranged by Washington working with the International Monetary Fund, and more recently there was the $5 billion invested in bringing “democracy” to Ukraine in 2014. The US was also involved in many of the elections in post-war Europe, most particularly in countries whose own democratic systems were still evolving. The CIA worked to keep communists out of the government in Italy’s 1976 national election. Conservative parties received sacks of money and articles warning about communism appeared in all the major newspapers. The major covert action proceeded even though Italy was a NATO member and the corruption that the intervention brought with it has blighted Italian politics to this day…

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