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How Puerto Rico Could Turn Disaster into a Decentralized Paradise | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on February 26, 2018

Warning: More free market based solutions to government incompetence.

The government doesn’t like “off the grid”. Of the grid means out of (government) control.

By The Daily Bell Staff

Could the massive failure of the Puerto Rican government-run energy grid be a blessing in disguise? It has the potential to set Puerto Rico on a course of self-sufficiency and individual empowerment for decades to come.

Many Puerto Ricans are still without power from the large-scale grid failure after Hurricane Maria last fall. Some are not expected to be reconnected to the grid until April or May.

Community Solutions

One of those communities took matters into its own hands and set the local school up with solar panels. Plans to set up rainwater collection and filtration are also in the works. This would make the school entirely off-grid, and a perfect community shelter in the event of other natural disasters.

The Daily Bell recently published an article called 7 Reasons to Shut Down Public Schools Immediately and Permanently. Praising an off-grid public school seems like a contradiction.

But Puerto Rico announced plans to introduce a school voucher program so that students could take a portion of a school’s funding with them and apply it towards another public or private school. Perhaps a school which is off the grid and teaches kids about solar and rainwater systems will flourish. Competition always helps to improve things…

And naturally, demand for entirely off the grid systems has increased.

Right now, that is a reaction to circumstances. But it could lead to more self-reliance in general, and personal responsibility. For instance, you need to better monitor your electricity usage when you have an entirely separate system. You have to understand what is draining the system. It means being more aware of your day to day power usage, instead of just flicking switches, and only monitoring the bill.

But completely off-grid systems are not the only solution. Puerto Rican solar companies also see the potential for decentralized systems. A cluster of houses or communities could all link up, and instead of having to store all the electricity generated, one building’s solar panels could supplement another’s when their needs exceed their capacity and vice versa…

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