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Make Tide Pods less appetizing? New York lawmakers want design change for colorful packets

Posted by M. C. on March 1, 2018

These are teenage “children”. Obviously this a “gateway” situation. Don’t worry, sensible New York state government will save us from ourselves with “sensible” legislation.

Oxi-clean could be next.

Make yourself snowflake pure.

Darwin was right about natural selection. Doing nothing is likely the best option for future generations.

New York lawmakers want to add detergent packets like Tide Pods to other hazardous household products by requiring child-resistant packaging, changing the design and adding clear labels because of people eating the colorful packets.

The bill comes amid growing concerns that children are eating the packets and teenagers are engaging in the Tide Pod Challenge — eating them and posting the videos online.

They said their legislation is a sensible measure to address the dangers of the products…

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