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Google’s Attempt To Censor ‘Gun’ Backfires Spectacularly

Posted by M. C. on March 21, 2018

Mozilla FireFox, Duckduckgo, Opera, Start Page…there are so many alternatives to Deep State friendly Google that do not store and track your searches.

Don’t be one of the sheeple.

by Tom Knighton

We know by now that Google is not really our friend. While it is the largest search engine in the world and owns the second largest (YouTube), it also seems to think that, because it’s a private company and has the right to do certain things, it’s obligated to do those certain things.

Most recently, the search engine decided to restrict what you could use its Shopping feature for. They didn’t want you looking up anything to do with guns.

It did not go as planned.

Early Tuesday morning, Internet shoppers started noticing and documenting the digital gaffes. Users received error notices when they searched for glue guns and water guns, toy guns and airsoft guns, nail guns and nerf guns. The algorithm is apparently so strict that even the color “burgundy” triggered an error because it includes “gun” in the spelling.

This set off something of a parlor game on social media. Turns out, adults don’t like it when faceless bureaucrats try enforcing arbitrary restrictions — federal, corporate, or otherwise.

Casey “Stable Genius” Smith found that Google now censors “Laguna Beach.”

Other censored searches included the movie Top Gun, bands like Velvet Revolver and the Sex Pistols, and even the Indianapolis Colts.


Google’s efforts here are political virtue-signaling designed to make sure everyone knows they don’t have any WrongThink going on there.

What they forget is that they weren’t the first search engine, nor will they be the last. While they’ve grown, they’re not too big to fail. If they continue to monkey around with what people want to see, someone will step up and replace them by creating a product that just doesn’t care about politics…

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